Is the sound of chaos raising not only the volume, but stress level too? recalm has the vision to improve your quality of life by transforming undesired noise pollution into peace and quiet. To let our vision become true, we are building a product that is sending out an anti-noise signal of opposite polarity to the noise source, so noise can be eliminated by destructive interference. The successful application of active noise control in practice depends on its robustness and economic efficiency rather than on its elegance. Key element of an active noise control system is the algorithm. And that's exactly where our solution is special. recalm developed a more robust algorithm that is based on artificial intelligence. Due to our smart algorithm we are capable of realizing robust active noise control without using headphones. By this our product can be utilized in a boundless range of applications, such as aircraft seats, vacuum cleaners, kitchen hoods or outboard motors. recalm turns noise into the controllable asset it should be!